Professional Development


Buddhism and Psychology

Buddhism for Psychologists is for all psychologists who express an interest in Buddhism.

The main aspects of good psychological work is establishing a good therapeutic alliance. Equally, the main task of people's psychological work is for people to live satisfying lives in their intimate relationships, in their home, at work and their community, to be a global citizen.

During the course of your BfP consultation the main focus will be on the relational nature of people's questions and inquiries.

Regardless of the biological, psychological and environmental factors leading to people's psychological distress, experienced psychologists know that when they work with their clients, the clients experiences are a result of a combination of several factors rather that just a single factor. It is this relational multifaceted, multidimensional nature of people's lives that are at the centre of dialogues at Buddhism for Psychologists.

Buddhism for Psychologists looks for the openings, facilitating environment, opportunities that bring more humanity to people's lives.

Buddhism for Psychologists is primarily inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, paying homage to the rich teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhism for Psychologists does not intent to enter in scholastic discussions of Buddhism but will look for causes and conditions to alleviate human suffering.